Ball Python

Buttercup – Ball Python

We think that Buttercup is the best snake in the world! She is a very gentle, very sweet girl who has helped countless people get over their fear of snakes. She has been on TV and even had a small part in a short film but hasn’t let fame go to her head. She’s a super star!!

Taiwan Beauty Snake

Sprout -Taiwan Beauty Snake

This beautiful girl is now ready for limited events and is best suited for small groups of older children and adults. She is a beautiful girl and will be a show stopper once she’s full grown.

*indoor shows only
*not suitable for photos

Blood Python

Julis Squeezer – Blood Python

‘The Big Squeeze’ is a large, hefty snake that is best suited for corporate events. When he first came to us, he was in fairly rough shape- he was skinny and needed a lot of TLC. He is now a happy, healthy, spoiled rotten snake.

Andean Milk Snake

Andean Milk Snake

What a beautiful girl! Zoe is an amazing snake that is sure to impress any crowd. We love her!

Honduran Milk Snake

Beetlejuice – Honduran Milk Snake

Beetlejuice is a handsome, older gentleman who has been part of the Party Safari family since 2007. He is a very curious snake and is always on the lookout for new places to explore.

 Corn Snake

Maizie – Corn Snake

During a routine shopping trip for critter food, Maizie caught Jennifer’s eye and it was love at first sight! Those big beautiful eyes were impossible to resist, so home she came. I’m sure you’ll agree that it was a great decision!

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Nemo – Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Wow!! We could gaze at this snake all day, he is stunning! His beautiful pattern and iridescent scales and sweet personality will amaze you!

Red Tail Boa

Mr. Constrictor – Red Tail Boa

This big boy is a sweetheart! He is a curious snake that has an obsession with hats- he will happily sit on one for as long as you’d let him. The bigger the hat is the easier it is for him to fit his whole body on top of it.

Western Hog Nose

Freckles – Western Hog Nose

Freckles is a small, scaly snake with an adorable turned up nose. She may be one of the smallest snakes we have but she certainly makes up for it in personality! What an awesome little snake!

Ball Python

Ping Pong
Ball Python

Ping Pong holds a very special spot in our hearts. His beautiful pattern and super soft scales are hard to resist.

Peruvian Long Tail Boa

Cleopatra – Peruvian Long Tail Boa

Words cannot describe how amazing this snake is… big, stunning, iridescent and gentle are the first that come to mind. You have to see her to understand what we mean.

Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand Boa

How can you not fall in love with this guy? Look at that adorable face! Noodle is a little bundle of fun!