Chicco – Chinchilla

With those big pink ears and round black eyes, Chicco is hard to resist! He is incredibly soft and so very sweet and if you’re lucky he’ll give you a ‘nose kiss’.

*availability is limited during hot summer months

 African Pygmy Hedgehog

Tofu – African Pygmy Hedgehog

Tofu came to Party Safari in 2013 and has settled in quite nicely. She is a very sweet, very plump hedgie who has already made many new friends during her visits to schools and birthday parties.

Nugget- African Pygmy Hedgehog

Nugget – African Pygmy Hedgehog

Look at that face! This little guy is a cuddly, snorty, spikey ball of cuteness! After nice meal of tasty mealworms, Nugget loves to snuggle into his fleecy blanket for a nap.

Brazilian Short-tailed Opossum

Posie – Brazilian Short Tail Opossum

ADORABLE! Posie is a very curious girl who loves to explore. She is sensitive to loud noise and fast movements so is best suited for smaller groups.

*indoor events only

Sugar Glider

Pipsqueak – Sugar Glider

These active little critters spend most of the night scampering here and there, looking for food. Pipsqueak’s favourite meal consists of mealworms and sweet potato but he’s also very fond of raisins.

*indoor events only

Sugar Glider

Gizmo – Sugar Glider

Gizmo had quite an interesting start to life- he was rejected by his mother when he was a baby and needed special care. Jennifer took him everywhere with her, even to work. He now lives with Pipsqueak (his Dad) and is a happy, normal glider.

*indoor events only