Leopard Gecko

Squeakers – Leopard Gecko

Squeakers had a bit of a rough start to life. A few years ago she was turned into the Humane Society along with her tank mate, Slim Jim. Both of the geckos were underweight and in need of some tender loving care. After a few months of regular feeding, Squeakers was plump and happy and has been a part of the presentations ever since.

Gargoyle Gecko

Poya – Gargoyle Gecko

This beautiful girl has been a member of the Party Safari family since 2007. Poya’s ability to change colours from silver/grey to shades of brown makes her a fun addition to booth displays- sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to find her in the tank.

Blue Tongue Skink

Lenny – Blue Tongue Skink

Don’t let his prehistoric looks scare you, Lenny is a sweetie! He loves to eat and lets us know when he’s hungry by huffing loudly at his enclosure door. His favourite meal consists of plums and juicy worms.

Armadillo Lizard

Spike-a-dillo – Armadillo Lizard

Spike’s top 3 favourite things to do are
1) Eat
2) Bask under his heat lamp
3) Sleep
Yup, it’s tough being a lizard!

Crested Gecko

Harvey – Crested Gecko

When you meet Harvey for the first time, you’ll immediately notice that he is missing his tail. Not to worry, this happens to geckos sometimes- it’s one of the ways they defend themselves. Unlike other geckos though, Harvey’s tail will not grow back.

Nigerian Uromastyx

Kainji – Nigerian Uromastyx

Pictures do not do this handsome boy justice! When he’s warm, his colours are so bright that it looks like he’s on fire! Kainji is still quite shy so would be best suited for ages 12 and up for the time being.

Mali Uromastyx

Bam Bam – Mali Uromastyx

Bam Bam is one of Party Safari’s biggest stars. He hasn’t let fame go to his head though, just as long as he’s warm and has a plate full of veggies he’s a happy boy!

Bearded Dragon

Saphira – Bearded Dragon

With her impressive spikes and sweet personality, Saphira never fails to make a big impression and is often one of the first chosen for photos. She likes long hot days in the sun and the feel of warm sand between her scaly toes.